Welcome to Ansau

The world was once a place of plenty and wonders: famine and disease were largely unheard of, cities floated through the sky, everything appeared to be perfect. But it could not last. When the magic called Ve collapsed, society collapsed along with it: millions starved and the floating cities crashed to the ground. In the wreckage the byproducts of Ve use, magical beings called Amekt, went feral. This along with the ensuing wars rendered the mainland uninhabitable.

In the last days of the old empire, as things began to fall apart, a small group split off an island-sized piece of rock and seeded it with a plant that would allow it to float. For nearly 500 years, the island of Ansau has drifted in isolation on the ocean currents. Life is more difficult than it was, but the Island’s inhabitants have learned to use the trickle of Ve and stability has been the rule. But things are about to change again.


  • The Ash Tree – After years of preparation and maneuvering, Dekkan gets the council to build the Beacon, which will change every aspect of life on the Island.
  • Bound – Upon going through the ceremony of adulthood, Kai must face up to difficult truths.
  • Induction – Everyone prays for help at one time or another, what happens when those prayers are answered?
  • Saw, Chisel, and Plane – Kai chose to join the carpenters, but it turns out that there is more to his choise than he had originally imagined.
  • The Root of All Things – While searching for ingredients to make a special type of paper, Danika learns that the ika plant is as dangerous as it is useful.
  • Trust and Vulnerability – The scorpion saved Emera’s life, but at what cost?
  • The Forked Path – After Danika recovers from her encounter withe the ika plant, she attempts to resume her old life with the Guard, only to find that her old life is gone.
  • Tragedy and Triumph – During the festival of Okivla, tragedy strikes and Kai finds that things he had freed himself of still have a hold on him.

Chronicles of the Founding