AC – After Cataclysm

Amekt – An entity that is created as the result of working with Ve.  The complexity and strength of an avatar is directly related to the complexity and power of the agreement which produces it.  Avatars take the form of a living being, with plants or small animals being created from simple agreements, and creatures as complex as humans being created as a result of extremely complex agreements.  Some believe that the entire world is an Amekt.

Ansau – The name of the Island as a whole (including all five subislands).

Arjan – The first month.

Ao – A Ve powered light. They come in many different sizes and styles, from small personal lanterns to stationary room lights to coin operated lights.

Avlane – One of the barrier islands.

Bordan – One of the barrier islands.

Jarna – One of the barrier islands.

Kaart – The second month.

Kahata – The fifth month.

Kinav – The central island.

Korsem – One of the barrier islands.

Leved – The third month.

Okivla – The sixth month.

Seal – A tattooed emblem that is used to Bind Ve.

Skill Graph – A tattooed frame with spots for eight skill Seals.

Skohi – The fourth month.

Vaarplikt – Commonly referred to as the Vaar, the mandatory service organization that all of the Island’s residents join at the age of 16.  The Vaarplikt is responsible for most of the infrastructural needs of the Island (roads, public buildings, landscaping, etc.) as well as forming the core of the Guard.  In addition to being a service based institution, the Vaarplikt offers a variety of vocational and academic education.

Ve – Energy that is created by every living thing, and can be manipulated through agreements and contracts.  Also the unit of currency.